Safety First

2014 nec codebookAt WFS Electric we understand that your on a budget and it is our goal to help you accomplish your next electrical project for a price you can live with.  So before you install that yourself, call us to get a free quote.  Did you know that if you replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan, you may be in for some trouble?  A fan rated box is needed to carry the extra weight and movement associated with a ceiling fan.  This is just one example of how hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your home electrical projects don’t come crashing down.  The First Edition national electrical code handbook was released in 1897, since then we have come a long way.  Today, The 2014 code book is hundreds of pages thick full of information to keep you and your property safe.  We are licensed and certified by the state of Ohio and Kentucky in understanding this complex information.  And remember, the national code is the minimum requirement for your electrical projects, there are also extra provisions that your local inspection bureau may require to be considered an approved electrical installation.  For years we have made it our goal to work with you and your local building authority to keep your home or business in good standing.